Some interesting facts about the lives and talents of our featured artists, in no particular order.

John Tudehope - There is something intrinsically magical about wood. The living tree creates a vast array of colours, patterns and figure that combine to offer a treasure trove of possibilities. This is the basis of my work - to take the rough wood, cut, shape, sand and finish - to create pieces that feel good to the touch, pleasing to the eye, and and above all have a sense of something special. John began wood working in the early 1990's and sources his timber from the arid North and West of Queensland, seeking out the sought after timbers like purple gidgee and conkerberry to complement his colourful work.

Gary Field - Gary's education in Graphic Design and Fine Art is in evidence along with his passion and talent for woodcarving. He uses Australian and exotic fine timbers to carve organic, nature inspired pieces that are incorporated into boxes, spoons, bowls and sculptures. Gary is a former recipient of a Wootha Prize, and exhibits and sells internationally. Gary runs a number of workshops throughout the year to share his craft and inspiration.

Randy DeGraw - Born in Michigan USA, Randy learned wood turning at school. He then worked in Telecoms and revisited wood working as a hobby some 20 years later. Randy expanded his work to home shows and exhibitions, before owning a gallery and cafe in Maleny, Qld. Randy makes bespoke furniture and art decor, winning many awards to include the Kalgoorlie Boulder Art Prize. Randy incorporates semi-precious stones, metal and resin into his work, and takes inspiration from nature and travel.   

Jason Schmeider - Born in Bundaberg, Jason has done woodwork all of his career as a master cooper, wood turner and furniture maker. He demonstrated wood turning and coopering at Schmeider's Cooperage in Bundaberg, and is currently contracted making barrels and repairing vats at Bundaberg Rum. Jason has won many wood show competition awards and also made coopered items for The Endeavour historic ship. Jason also works as a clinical orderly/technician on hospital wards and in operating theatres. 

Peter Foxwell - coming soon

Bruce Chapman - Bruce's interest in wood turning started when he was a teenager. "My father had a metal lathe but I used to throw in a lump of wood and make some sawdust. Many years later my father used his metal lathe to make a couple of wood lathes." Bruce enjoyed a distinguished career in Science and information Technology writing several science text books before developing his wood turning skills after retirement. Bruce is a member of the local Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild in Montville. 

Ivan Medew - Ivan's varied careers in Special Education and Real Estate kept him busy both in Australia and abroad, and it was not until retirement that he joined the Bribie & District Woodcrafters Association to learn wood turning. Ivan has triumphed as a wood turner and now teaches and judges at local inter-club competitions. Ivan is a former recipient of the Woodcraft section of the Matthew Flinders Art Competition. 

Bill Rangott - Bill has been involved in woodworking most of his life, as a child in his father's commercial workshop, at school and later in life - boat building, house building and renovations as well as museum quality display model boats. He retired from a professional career in insolvency more than a decade ago and now lives in the Blackall Ranges in South East Queensland. Bill imports exotic wood veneers, and has run many workshops for woodworking clubs and schools. He has won many competitions for his document and jewellery boxes. He travels frequently to the USA meeting with various wood groups, artisans and timber and veneer suppliers.

Fay Wassell - Fay only took up wood working a few years ago. She was a seamstress before this, and lives in Mackay, Queensland. Her husband is a woodturner and had always tried to get Fay to join the local wood club. One day he said to her "they say if you can use a sewing machine you can use a scrollsaw". Fay joined and is now a successful and skilled intarsia artist. Intarsia wood art is a technique where varied shapes, sizes and species of timber are fitted together like a mosaic-like picture with the illusion of depth.