Chopping Boards

$40.00 - $85.00

These are probably the best chopping boards that you can buy. Handmade here on the Sunshine Coast, Qld from Australian camphor laurel timber using a special kiln drying process that makes these chopping boards naturally and permanently anti-bacterial. These chopping boards are made from whole pieces of timber, with no glue joins and they will not blunt your knives.

They are available in a range of sizes, and come with easy and clear instructions for care. Once you use these chopping boards you will never go back to plastic or other inferior products.

Approx sizes:
Paddle - 260mm x 160mm x 30mm
Small Board - 400mm x 170mm x 30mm
Medium Board - 450mm x 230mm x 30mm
Large Board - 480mm x 270mm x 30mm

All prices and shipping costs include GST.