Essential Oil Dressing Bowls

$10.00 - $22.00

These beautiful essential oil dressing bowls have been hand crafted on the Discovery Coast by one of our lovely artists, Mark Mooney. Handmade from rosewood, camphor laurel, mango and red cedar timbers these dressing bowls are used to blend your favourite essential oil with a natural carrier oil like Australian almond oil. The blended oils are then applied on damp skin after a shower or bath, the perfect self care ritual.

We stock the following essential oils to complement our dressing bowls.:

Blue Gum Eucalyptus - A woody, minty, refreshing scent from this distinctive native Australian tree. This essential oil has therapeutic and skin care benefits, is great for settling headaches, and can boost your immune system against colds.

Nerolina - A floral, clean, sweet and woody scent from this native Australian plant. Similar to lavender or lilac, this essential oil is great for restoring balance and calm to both mind and body.

Lemon Myrtle - A sweet, warm, lemon scent from this native Australian tree. This fresh and revitalising essential oil is great for easing muscle pains and inflammation, and also helps to relax the mind in times of stress.

We also stock beautiful Australian almond oil too.

Each piece is individually hand-crafted from real timber. The item that you receive will be similar to the one pictured here, but it will have it's own natural timber features and colour variations. Please contact us before or immediately after ordering if you would like a photograph of the exact item that you will receive.

All prices and shipping costs include GST.