Hardwood Kitchen Utensils

$25.00 - $40.00

These beautiful red ironbark kitchen utensils have been handcrafted near Bundaberg in Queensland. They are made using sustainable hardwood and finished with beeswax for a long lasting finish. Great for non-stick cookware.

You can choose from:
* large tongs - 25cm long
* small tongs - 22cm long
* toast tongs - 22cm long
* jam spoons - 36cm long
* risotto spoons - 36cm long - available in right and left handed options

Each piece is individually hand-crafted from real timber. The item that you receive will be similar to the one pictured here, but it will have it's own natural timber features and colour variations. Please contact us before or immediately after ordering if you would like a photograph of the exact item that you will receive.

All prices and shipping costs include GST.