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What does Montville smell like to you?


This MONTVILLE coco-soy candle has been specifically designed to represent the senses and scents of Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland rainforest.  Handmade using a balanced blend of coconut and pure soy wax filled with the scents that embrace the essence of the Australian bush. Earthy and aromatic, this candle has a refreshing scent that will fill your home.


MONTVILLE is poured into a beautiful frosted glass tumbler with a dark timber lid, holds 450g of natural wax that has a burn time of 60 hours. This candle will look stunning in your home and smells fantastic.


MONTVILLE is only available at Montville Woods Gallery and is handmade by us with lots of love. 

Montville - Coco-Soy Candle

GST Included
    • Australian handmade
    • Handmade in Montville
    • Natural Coco-Soy wax
    • Cotton braid double wicks
    • 450g of natural wax
    • 60 hours burn time
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